Property Management

Comprehensive care of residential properties includes technical management, marketing and full administration with the aim to maximize the returns on your investment in real estate.

We offer comprehensive services to those owners of residential properties who decided to maximize their investment through renting.

We make sure your investment not only brings returns but we do everything necessary for these returns to be steady.

Zagreb4U offers solutions for all stages of property investment but mainly provides top quality property management services. Only a rented property brings revenues so we take all the necessary steps to arrange the rental. We advertise the property on the market, communicate vacancies with other real estate agencies, perform visits with potential tenants, assist with contract negotiations, protocols and property handover and keep track of the dates when search for new tenant is needed again. In addition we can also provide your investment with all necessary care, to keep records, to arrange all repairs and especially to be present should any situation arise where your presence is required.

Property management includes:

  • Proposal of the most efficient way to well utilize the property and increase its value
  • Definition of the marketing plan, with regards to the intentions of the property owner
  • Consultations concerning suitable ways to promote the property
  • Property visit
  • Marketing of the vacant property on relevant web pages and in printed media
  • Rental contract signing and extending
  • Active communication with tenants
  • Keeping records and all documentation linked to the property
  • Property insurance assistance
  • Communication with the building administration company
  • Regular and detailed reporting
  • Assistance at handing over of the property to the tenant - documented in protocols

Preparation of the payment instructions for the valid rental contract and control of transactions of rental payments

Price for property management service is one month rent + VAT*
*It is charged to landlord after signing of contract with tenant that agency ''Zagreb4U'' found